Manga Comic Con 2023 and Gao Red Gaoranger are about to appear in Vietnam

Manga Comic Con 2023 (MCC 2023) will have an expansion in scale and guest list with the appearance of many domestic and international stars.

On May 5, 2023, the Organizing Committee of Manga Comic Con Vietnam officially announced the launch of the Manga Comic Con 2023 event. This pop culture event is expected to attract 40,000 visitors in 2 days, July 29 and 30, 2023, at Sky Expo Vietnam International Convention and Exhibition Center (Quang Trung Software Park, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City). Manga Comic Con (Manga and Comic Youth Product Expo) is a popular global pop culture event, organized to bring together the comic, movie, and sci-fi community the opportunity to meet and interact with content creators, comic characters, community experts and like-minded people with a wide variety of activities related to comic culture such as manga, anime, comic, model, cosplay, technology, games, movies, etc.


The 2nd Manga Comic Con is organized by VIETFEST, DTS GROUP Digital Transformation Alliance, FM STUD‌IO. Compared to the first Manga Comic Con held in 2022, Manga Comic Con 2023 (MCC 2023) will have an expansion in scale and guest list with the appearance of many domestic and international stars. The organizers just revealed the presence of Noboru Kaneko – the Japanese actor who played the role of Gao Red in the Super Sentai Gaoranger series, familiar to many generations of Vietnamese audiences. Many famous and key figures in the domestic and international multi-entertainment industry will be revealed according to the event roadmap to ensure the suspense and attraction characteristic of this type of event.


In addition to the outstanding activities of interacting between famous artists and fans, MCC 2023 will exhibit rare toy models, limited edition comics, cosplay activities, bringing comic characters to life by costume artists and attendees. Many booths displaying technology products – gaming equipment from game publishers, interacting with many famous Streamers will be activities to attract the attention of the community at MCC 2023. Musical and culinary activities will complete the festive atmosphere of this new and promising cultural event.


Not only stopping at a purely entertainment event, MCC 2023 also aims to promote the development of the creative industry in Vietnam when interacting with developed countries such as Japan, Korea, etc. especially popular culture products, building a healthy environment and high-quality human resources, inspiring creativity for the community, through in-depth seminars with famous guests such as director Charlie Nguyen.


Talking about the significance of this cultural event, Mr. Pham Minh Toan, Head of the Organizing Committee – Chairman of the BOD of VIETFEST, shared: “Ho Chi Minh City is in the process of developing the cultural industry with the city’s vision and great investment efforts, in which the creative industry, culture and entertainment is considered as one of the spearheads capable of promoting the whole industry. Around the world, cultural and entertainment events, if invested and developed in the right direction, not only help to raise people’s spirits, but also have the ability to promote economic development, tourism, improve the quality of local human resources. That is also the reason why we are passionate about large-scale, professional cultural and entertainment activities, capable of attracting the attention and participation of the international community. We hope MCC will become the much-anticipated annual event in Southeast Asia, on par with similar events in Singapore or Thailand.”


Regarding the vision in developing and applying technology in this field, Mr. Truong Gia Bao, Director of DTS – the organizer, said: “We are delighted and surprised to see the community’s enthusiastic support and participation far exceeding our expectations in the MCC 2022 season. This is also the motivation for us to be confident in investing and developing technology applications in this potential field. We hope to develop the MCC Festival in Vietnam to the scale of hundreds of thousands of attendees like festivals around the world.”


The organizers plan to sell limited ticket classes in May and gradually open the sale for economy ticket classes. According to Mr. Nghi To – Deputy Organizing Committee in charge of content, who has a lot of experience in superhero events from FM STUDIO, in the first season, these ticket classes immediately sold out after opening for sale just a few minutes. The attraction of MCC sometimes exceeds the expectations of the organizers themselves. The limited edition tickets, Nghi said, will be issued in batches, with different benefits and different guest stars.


Comic Con around the world: Around the world, the first Comic Con event took place in 1970 in San Diego for the fan community of comics, movies and science fiction, which has since grown into a global phenomenon and is widely recognized as a leading pop culture event. In 2022, Comic Con around the world attracted an impressive number of attendees, with 200,000 attendees in New York, 135,000 in San Diego, 126,600 in Los Angeles.

Manga Comic Con 2023 organizer: Vietnam Festivals Joint Stock Company VIETFEST – Organizer of large-scale international festivals in Vietnam: HOZO International Music Festival, Vietnam International Real Estate Festival VIPF, Architecture Festival Marchifest. Digital Transformation Alliance DTS GROUP: A private corporation operating in three areas: Communication – Finance – Technology Investment. FM STUDIO, the company specializes in organizing superhero events, organized and supported Hobby Expo 2017 and Manga Comic Con 2022.


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